the idea

Raspberry Pi bot on RC 3 wheeler base

I have:

Raspberry Pi, geekroo board, 3-wheeled rc car minus controller from charity shop, assorted bitsnpieces from old toys, printers, scanners etc. like motors, gears, and such,not much knowledge but great enthusiasm.

I want to build:

A robot. Obstacle avoiding? Controlled with smart phone? Include a webcam?(RPI camera has been ordered)

Later: include voice control, speech, gps?

So far so good. For a start I have now managed to access my Pi from my linux laptop via vnc (took about 2 hours of googling and messing about) this should make the programming easier. Next step is to learn python. In contrast to my first project (basic obstacle avoiding robot) I am going to sort out the basic software BEFORE the hardware 😉 at least the initial setup, fine tuning will only be possible once things are moving and go wrong.

I hope I have improved my soldering enough to now put together the geekroo board, it looks so nice – it’s a bit scary to attack it with the soldering iron. The two motors in the car are working well, so there is one problem out of the way.


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