Back to basics

P1xOk, I haven’t written anything for a while, mainly because there was a lot of non-roboty things going on and second because I’m still very much in the deciding what to do stage. I figured that I really need to look into python to make things work. The last robot had an arduino as his brain and I got quite familiar with the arduino ide. Checking out python it seems pretty similar, hopefully.
Also, I have a couple of add-on boards for the pi sitting around that need soldering and I just didn’t have the guts to start them in case I wrecked them. So today a mate watched me start and gave me a few pointers. You can watch hundreds of instructional videos but you learn more by doing and having someone put you right when you stray – thanks Rob!
So, now I’m going to make up those two boards and get started on the hardware.


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