Glutton for punishment

Yes, well, I really must be. My Galaxy Tab developed funny battery behaviour, so I took it back to get it checked under warranty. So no tablet – dig out the old Eeepc, didn’t like the OS, decided to install Linux Mint 16 Mate; and while I’m at it, why not install Mint 16 KDE on my perfectly good laptop that has been working dual booting Windows 7 (OEM) with Mint 14 Cinnamon?

Three days of fiddling, testing, reinstalling, learning KDE – I think hubby is ready to divorce me!

But, its all good, my backups worked and I’m really impressed with KDE. Not the desktop of choice for a newbie, but I have been playing with Linux now for awhile and I’m having a ball! Love the clean look and the customisations. Why I had to do all this at once though, I really don’t know – still, its Easter and what else can you do?

Needless to say that the roboting has taken a bit of a backseat – I did get the pcDuino working again though, both with Linux and Android and am ready to start testing a few minor things with python.  There just isn’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do, and then work gets in the way as well. And the horse, and the dogs, and the garden, and the family; multitasking! Perhaps I can set up the laptop while riding the horse and let the dogs run alongside?


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