Sidetracked -again!

Why are there so many interesting things that are just begging to be tried out and tested? When I originally started this blog it was to be a record of me building my second robot, all the parts sitting in my drawer ready to be assembled into this mechanical-technological masterpiece. Yeah well, things and plans change, I keep getting distracted by new boards and shields and sensors and other doodads, by new ideas what this robots function is going to be, by the eternal search for the ideal programming language and the need to learn it, the question whether Android wouldn’t be more suitable as OS, and now I’ve come across internet university and the robot has taken a back seat again while I’m learning basic horse care, chemistry and other subjects. Now there is this Linux course starting tomorrow -I really can’t pass this one up!

And then there is Owncloud, I could use my pi to run this and finally give dropbox, Evernote and Google calendar the flick.

There is enough material there to keep me entertained 24/7 – but I still try to have a non-digital life as well apart from going out and earning the pennies.


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