What is happening to Australia?

So, this week has been a very sad and incredible time in Australian politics. The Data Retention Bill has made it through both houses of parliament with the united support of both main parties and another bill to introduce internet censorship in the guise of ‘protection’ tabled.
Our lord and masters in Canberra are hell bent to make the idea of a free internet a quaint notion of the past. And all under the guise of fighting terrorism and crime – what a joke!
No self-respecting criminal will be stupid enough to get caught in this net, but every single innocent citizen of this country is now being watched 24/7. And the sad thing is most don’t even know what happened today and that they are paying for it, either through their charges for phones and internet or through their taxes.
And all this after Europe decided that a scheme like this is ineffective and too costly – so, of course, our politician know better, especially seeing most of them have absolutely no clue about technology.
Is it cynicism that makes me think all this has something to do with another secret atrocity currently being negotiated, the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement?


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