10 facts about Oky

I saw this on another site and thought it would be fun. Describe someone (in this case my horse) in 10 short sentences. So, here we go:


1. She thinks she is boss of everyone, horse, human or dog.
2. She taught me everything that is worth knowing about horses.
3. If I ever have to go orienteering I want her with me – she has a built-in GPS.
4. Her looks are pretty much unique – and she knows it.
5. You never TELL her, you suggest, indicate and discuss options.
6. She is self-cleaning. Her coat is very rarely dirty.
7. Her breeding is half appaloosa, half undetermined palomino and all chestnut mare.
8. After trying various disciplines, we settled on trail riding, and she is great at it.
9. When she eats a mango she just leaves a perfectly clean seed.
10. Despite of all I said before, she lets a little gelding get away with murder.


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