Older and wiser?

My little mare (on the right) was the reason many years ago that we started separating our horses at feeding time. No matter where we put the food, she ran around protecting it against all comers – and no one got any food. 

I never tried to feed my horses together after that and saved myself a lot of problems. Over the years Oky did settle down a lot as my fellow riders can attest. Taking her out in company was an exercise in patience, perseverance and brute force. But she has slowly developed into the most fantastic trail horse you could ever want – so it must have been all worth it. But apparently she has matured not only as a ridden horse as the photo above shows: all three of them munching contentedly on their bit of hay. 

So all you frazzled horse owners out there: by the time they get to 20 most problems will have solved themselves 🙂


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