Under the sea….

I’m sure we’ve all been there:you’re up in the attic looking for something and get side tracked by something completely different. So, I found a small fish tank and thought it would be nice to have fish in the house again. After cleaning it up and checking the pump and light I started looking through aquarium books to find a small easy care fish species. We used to have fish tanks of various sizes up to a 4 foot room divider over many years but stopped a while ago, so I have a fair idea what works and what doesn’t.  But I just couldn’t decide, so it just sat on my desk, empty.

Ages ago I started an amigurumi gold fish but had problems with the tail. Not sure why, because when I had another attempt last week, it worked straightaway. It seemed to be obvious to put him in the dry tank. That didn’t look too bad, so I made him a crab, an octopus  and a seahorse for company. The difficult bit were the plants,  but eventually I worked something out. 

This is the first ‘large’ project after making just individual items,  and it was fun. I will have to think of another group to make. 


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