Beauty in the Detail

My yard, I hesitate to call it a garden, is an expanse of grass, sprinkled with a multitude of weeds that give colour and texture to the otherwise brown-green background, accentuated by some mainly native trees and shrubs, desperately clinging to life. I doubt I would even be allowed to enter the local garden competition. A gardener I aint.

But, if you look around you there are so many beautiful flowers hidden away in the foliage, birds of all sizes, some of them in fancy colours apparently enjoying my little paradise. What appeared at first glance not very appealling at all, suddenly opens up to all kinds of beautiful gems.

So this morning I grabbed the camera and started snapping away and was really surprised what came out of this exercise. I’m afraid I only photographed the things that stood still for me, so the birdlife is missing from the collection, as neither me nor my camera are up to producing something useful in that department.

Start to look deeper than the first glance, and you might be surprised what you can find.


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