The next step – week 1

Yeay! We picked up the keys to our new place last Saturday and had a good look around: it’s great! Yes there are a few things that need fixing, like a couple of door handles and lights, but there doesn’t seem to be anything major. The shed could do with a little tlc but it looks solid. The main areas that need work are the paddocks: they are very overgrown and all fences are covered in weedy vines. The same vines that cover every tree in the orchard. Surprisingly some of them have managed to set fruit despite of this. There is a triple row of palms that will have to go – perhaps we can find a landscaper that wants to buy 20 odd mature palms for a development? And we will have to put up some gates (no problem, we have about half a dozen left from the yards we took down at our old place), make the cattle grids safe for horses or remove them and probably fence the driveway. 
It looks as if we won’t get bored over the next few months.  🙂

But there is so much room! Both in the paddocks and in the house.

We went back a couple of times moving some stuff and setting up a temporary yard for the horses – under the palms with enough green grass to keep them happy for a few days until we have a chance to check out the fencing and conditions of the proper paddocks. 

And we already had our first visitors: when we arrived one morning we were greeted by two ‘roos that seemed to be rather put out about us disturbing them; and later, you wouldn’t believe it, a couple of religion peddlers turned up. Well, I much preferred the ‘roos!


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