The next step – week 2

What a week! On Sunday our horses moved – and do they enjoy the lush green grass after 4 months of draught! Got to be careful to avoid them overeating but sofar they seem to have adapted well, they are even getting used to drinking bore water after some judicious addition of molasses  and they already made friends with the geldings next door 😉

Monday the removalists picked up our furniture – the only hitch was that we could not dismantle the pool table, there must be a trick but we couldn’t find it. So the table has to stay. After loading some more boxes and stuff we and the dogs went to the new but still empty house.

Tuesday the furniture was delivered and now the house starts to look like a home. The rest of the day we spent sorting out some of the stuff we had already brought up and organising the kitchen cupboards. It’s strange how a new kitchen doesn’t just fall into place but has to be set out a few times before it all works.

Speaking about working: the toilets don’t; so we have to get the plumber in on Monday.

The remaining days were spent travelling backwards and forwards carrying more and more gear including tractors and we even somehow managed to get the spa onto the car trailer with the help of Caroline Andrea Matt and James and also managed to unload it at the other end.

By Sunday night we both have had our fill of lifting, carting, driving and decided to put in a rest day tomorrow. The upside: I’m getting 9-10 hours of sound sleep each night.


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