The next step – week 3

Things have settled down a bit after the last 2 hectic weeks. We are actually spending some time at the new place unpacking and sorting things out. We chopped down a couple of trees that were damaged in the wake of cyclone Debbie and Andrea started to remove a huge plant that was allowed to grow betwe20170416_072859en a rainwater tank and a septic tank – it is holding on with all its might. I bought some treekiller to spray the lantana that has spread over parts of the paddocks and might just try it on that plant.

On Friday Andrea and I went for a ride along our boundary and paddock fences to make sure there are no repairs required. Fences are good and it was quite enjoyable to plod around our own place. Even the horses enjoyed it as there were lots of tall grasses and seedheads to munch on on the way. 20170416_072832

We also started to build the new chook shed: ‘the worlds fastest and easiest shed’ according to the blurb. Yea well, not sure what they mean by that but sofar we spend almost a day on it and it still has only three sides and no roof- hopefully we’ll get it finished before the next trip south so we can bring the girls back; my hens have been holding the fort at the old place and I would love to have them here.

But, there are also positives: the weather is fantastic, we are actually getting somewhere in changing the place into something  resembling less of a storage shed and more of a home, and last not least, the spa is up and running!




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