More amigurumi 

Snoopy, after a pattern by BearBuns Studio
Unicorn, a commission, pattern by me
Tried my hand at a reptile – gecko pattern by me
A commission for Miffy – pattern supplied
Another chicken – you can’t only have one. Pattern by Megan Kreiner.
Who remembers the Fraggles? Pattern by June Gilbank
I always loved alpacas, pattern by Megan Kreiner.
and another chicken, pattern by Isabel Garcia

A few new kritters have been created in the last months, some of them commissions. If you would like any animal made, contact me and we see what we can work out. Seems I am on the way to a big collection again – I just like to make them but there is only limited space for the end product. Also, ideas from others are sometimes something I would have never thought of making – I like a challenge 😉

This one was for my pokémon fan: magicarp, pattern by me

4 thoughts on “More amigurumi 

    1. Knitting does work but it’s thinner and curls, I find it only suitable for fairly simple shapes only. Yes, crochet is definitely easier.


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